These are archived pages, most of them date back to 2007-2012. This content might not be relevant or accurate anymore.

Making modifier from regular key (Xmodmap)

The reason for this is to make Slovak keyboard layout more similar to US. You will not miss shift anymore and it’s more practical even if you are used to it (I never used this key when I had SK layout keyboard).

This setup makes Shift_L key from regular */&/< key next to real Shift_L. Add these lines to ~/.Xmodmap:

! fix SK layout - add another left shift
keycode 94 = Shift_L ISO_Prev_Group
add shift = Shift_L

Then run xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap to load it. You should also run xset -r 94 to remove autorepeat. You can maybe add this command to your ~/.xsession.

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