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Quota setup

Install quota support.

apt-get install quota quotatool

Add usrquota or grpquota option to /etc/fstab records for which user or group quota should apply. Reboot or remount.

Load quota kernel module (also add it to /etc/modules).

modprobe quota_v2
echo quota_v2 >> /etc/modules

Create quota files for all filesystems so you can set appropriate permissions.

touch /home/aquota.user
touch /home/
chmod 600 /home/aquota.user /home/

Let quota system scan filesystem manually (all filesystems, verbose, user, group, without read-only remount) and start quota service or reboot.

quotacheck -avugm
/etc/init.d/quota start

Now you can view quota status with repquota tool and set with quotatool. Quota with value 0 is without restrictions. You can change quota alerts for users by running dpkg-reconfigure quota.

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