Creating custom Rocksmith song



Things that need to be done only once:

  1. Prepare album art (”.dds” file) with Gimp (gimp-dds plugin) or Paint.NET (512×512, DXT1 compression, no mipmaps)
  2. Prepare audio track (Wwise 2010.3.3 compressed, see Rocksmith Custom Guide) and fixed with RocksmithEncoder.exe
  3. Prepare Guitar Pro tab file in TuxGuitar (more tips below)
  4. Create new project in Editor On Fire (EOF), import GP file and sync it to track (more tips below), save.
  5. Pack it with Rocksmith Custom Song Creator (more on this below)

Of course you will have to change tab when you discover any mistakes and then import it again into EOF, any manual steps need to be re-done so we will try to avoid that.

:!: Don't use repeat markers in Guitar Pro tab, import will ignore them (may be supported in future EOF versions).

Linux environment

You can use Linux for most of the steps, but there are some issues.

  1. you will need at least mono-4.0 (with Windows Forms 4.0 and some other libraries; at least Ubuntu Oneiric or Debian wheezy)
  2. EOF runs under wine or you can compile native version from sources EOF (just install liballegro4.2-dev and run make, this is all I was missing), oggCat from oggvideotools might be needed too

I did not try to run Wwise under wine and Rocksmith Custom Song Creator crashes with mono upon switching to Package Creator tab.

Guitar Pro tab

You can use timidity -iA -B2,8 -Os1l -s 44100 to run software MIDI synthesizer on Linux for listening to Tuxguitar output. There are plugins which can do that but I prefer this.

:!: You have to align all Sections (text notes) with Phrase start (marker). You can cut last section by adding another noguitar section and phrase.

  • You have to perfectly match tempo (BPM) and notes to audio track.
  • Try to sync beginning as much as possible so you avoid or minimalise any manual changes after import (difference of less than one measure).
  • If initial silence can't be divided by measures, there will be difference of less than one measure which you can fix later.
  • Use markers to set Rocksmith phrases (probably not used if there is only one difficulty defined).
  • Use text notes to mark Rocksmith sections for Riff Repeater, allowed names (you should be able to use either label):
	{"intro", "Intro"},
	{"outro", "Outro"},
	{"verse", "Verse"},
	{"chorus", "Chorus"},
	{"bridge", "Bridge"},
	{"solo", "Solo"},
	{"ambient", "Ambient"},
	{"breakdown", "Breakdown"},
	{"interlude", "Interlude"},
	{"prechorus", "Pre Chorus"},
	{"transition", "Transition"},
	{"postchorus", "Post Chorus"},
	{"hook", "Hook"},
	{"riff", "Riff"},
	{"fadein", "Fade In"},
	{"fadeout", "Fade Out"},
	{"buildup", "Buildup"},
	{"preverse", "Pre Verse"},
	{"modverse", "Modulated Verse"},
	{"postvs", "Post Verse"},
	{"variation", "Variation"},
	{"modchorus", "Modulated Chorus"},
	{"head", "Head"},
	{"modbridge", "Modulated Bridge"},
	{"melody", "Melody"},
	{"postbrdg", "Post Bridge"},
	{"prebrdg", "Pre Bridge"},
	{"vamp", "Vamp"},
	{"noguitar", "No Guitar"},
	{"silence", "Silence"}

Creating XML song description

We get this from EOF. You need to fix some user and export settings in EOF first to make this properly:

  • Settings (F10): set AV Delay to 0
  • Preferences (F11): Note Auto-Adjust, Save Separate Rocksmith Files, Color set (Rocksmith), Top of 2D pane shows (Sections = RS phrases = GP markers), don't select that all unrecognized text notes should be imported as phrases
  • Create new song, set BPM, import GP file, let it import Rocksmith phrases.
  • In Song menu set track to REAL_GUITAR or REAL_BASS
  • If you need to add some delay at start, open Song properties (F9) and set Delay in milliseconds.
  • Save project, DO NOT let it convert the initial delay to measures (it has caused notes overflowing sections).

Packing new DLC

Open packer tab in Rocksmith Custom Song Creator:

  • I believe DLC name is used in song sorting (:?:) so use song title
  • Set other informational fields, tempo is probably BPM, song difficulty (1-10 :?:)
  • Select fixed OGG file and DDS album art file
  • Add arrangement (I have used “Bass”, relative difficulty 10 (:?:), no features, XML file from EOF and SNG file can be generated in the other tab or with xml2sng.exe -i FILE.XML -o FILE.SNG)
  • You can set Tone settings for song (try it out in the game) but I don't completely understand how to properly set Volume of DLC and tone (0/0 is too loud and everything else too quiet :?:).
  • Hit Generate button and save it.
  • Copy this file to Rocksmith/Content directory and test it.

Synchronizing tab to song

  1. You should have correct GP tab prepared and also MP3 file
  2. Install Go PlayAlong and load GP and MP3 files into it
  3. Place some links on notes and peaks of the waveform, let it autoanalyze the rest of file
  4. Check if the result is correct
  5. From the result read time of measure which is first in GP file, adding 120 milliseconds helps, this will be song delay
  6. Calculate the time difference between any two measures
    • Calculate beat duration by dividing it by 4
    • Calculate BPM = 60 / (beat duration)

Now you can create EOF project, open Song Properties (F9) and set Delay in milliseconds, set calculated BPM. Then just import GP file and it should be synced.

:!: Rosegarden can help checking/determining if the tempo, initial delay and actual notes are correct. You have to export master GP tab in TuxGuitar to MusicXML format and import it in Rosegarden. Then you need to do some MIDI instruments setup if you want to hear the tabs, import WAV backing track and set the tempo. If everything is correct MIDI notes will match backing track. :!: I recommend keeping tabs at the start of the measure, not in-between (if you have initial delay of less than one measure move instruments to measure 2 and shift backing track appropriately). This way you can easily import GP file into EOF and export without any further operations.

Issues & solutions

  • Song does not end automatically: add more silence to the end, convert with wwise again and rebuild DLC
  • Rocksmith does not remember scores after rebuild: you need to use the same persistent ID (support in toolkit since along with packer.exe to easily rebuild from template)
  • No bars in riff repeater/song progress: height is based on available difficulty levels so at least one more is needed
  • Low volume: 0 for tone seems to boost bass volume (not very nice result though)
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