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Creating Debian packages


checkinstall is a handy tool which automagically creates packages from source. It's pretty straightforward to use and very handy if you need to quickly create a package.

The typical usage is:

fakeroot checkinstall --install=0

Now you can just install created package with package manager. You can also pass install command if needed (defaults to make install).


Debian has really comprehensive manual on package creation – Debian New Maintainers' Guide. Everyone who is serious about this should go right there.

Here's just a kick-start:

dh_make -s -c gpl -e maintainer@mail.tld -f path/to/tarball-orig.tar.gz

For other arguments and options look into dh_make(8) manual. Now you just edit or delete the templates in debian/ directory and create the package:





fakeroot debian/rules binary

See manuals on how to sign package.

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